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By Shawn Martin



Content writing is something I had always wanted to get into, but never knew how to go about doing it.  Before the internet came along a person needed to become a journalist and be hired to write for a company.

Now anyone can become a published writer, and even get paid for it!

Every content writing campaign needs to be built around good keyword research. There are many ways to look up keywords and use them in your article writing, and how you do this can make or break your campaign.  Lets start by taking a look at what they are.

What are keywords?

Keywords are basically what people are using when looking up things they are interested in on say Google or Bing search engines. For example, I might be wanting to find information on detailing my car, so I type into my Google search box “car detailing” and Google will give me search results using  that phrase.

Another example,  if you were interested in finding out about making candles, you would use a phrase like ” How to make candles “. This would be a keyword phrase.

There are keywords,  long tail keywords, short tail keywords, exact keywords and keyword phrases, and how you use them does make a difference.

The best way to learn about keywords is to find training that covers all of the following areas.

Proper training in keyword research

Proper keyword training is a must for good SEO ( search engine optimism) results. By picking low competition, high search keywords, or as we call them, low hanging fruit, we can rank our  articles, posts and websites on page one of the three major search engines, and this means traffic!

Available Training

  • What keywords are
  • How to pick proper low competition high search  keywords
  • How to use keyword tools
  • How to use keywords in article writing
  • How many keywords to use in your articles
  • Tracking keywords
  • Finding your audience with proper keywords

This list is just the tip of the iceberg in training available to members of Wealthy Affiliate University, which is where I do all of my keyword research!

Kyle, one of the founding members of Wealthy Affiliate University, is an expert and one of the best in the business at teaching keyword usage Technics.

Learning how to find and use keywords is essential to making your campaigns successful, and I would love to help you get the training you will need to accomplish this.


Best Training available right here!

You can now sign up and try out the best place to learn everything you will ever need to be successful in using keywords, andyou can do it with your free starter account today!

My success in marketing is due to everything I have learned here and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about doing this to try this out and see for themselves just how many resources are  available in all aspects of running your own home business.

You will find:


Keyword lists and tool

Keyword lists and tool

  • Video Training
  • Classrooms
  • Discussions
  • Tutorials
  • Live help in the chat room
  • Hundreds of blogs covering all aspects of keyword usage
  • How to use keyword tools
  • Keyword research techniques
  • Proper placement of keywords
  • State of the art hosting and unlimited free websites to use those keywords with
  • many personal blogs




Join me in my adventure!


WA sign up screen

I will be covering many areas of keyword research and how to apply what we learn  in future articles and posts and hope you can join me in this venture.

Stay up to date on the ever changing world of  marketing and get the training you need  and deserve by signing up here .  It will cost you nothing and you will be amazed at the wealth of information at your fingertips.

Once you are signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, please make sure you contact me and let me know and we can start our adventure together!

As always if you have any questions or comments you can leave a them below in the comments section!

I hope to see you inside soon!


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