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Luxury Dog House!

Luxury Dog House!

I remember when I was first asked the question, “What is your niche?”  I did not have the faintest idea what the person was asking, and why.

In hindsight this is funny, but at the time I was a bit distressed, so in case you do not know what a niche is, let me explain and maybe save you a bit of confusion.

I had no idea how affiliate marketing worked, all I knew is if you had a busy website you were doing something right!

The best way to get that website all those visitors is to design your website and your article writing around a niche.

The best way to find something you are looking for on the internet today is by doing a search, or as most people today are saying, “Just Google it!”  But what are the results really called?  Let’s take a look at some results and how we define them.


Definition of a Niche

If you were to go looking for say a new dog house of your dog,  and you were using Google, you would not type in sporting goods, you would more than likely type in New Dog House.

Niche results

Niche results

Each result you get  is in its own right a niche or a narrowed down part of the new dog house niche.

As you can see any the amount of results the new doghouse  niche alone could keep an article marketing campaign busy for a very long time.

  • Doghouses = Niche
  • New Doghouses = Niche
  • Doghouse Supplies = Niche

The possibilities are endless in any topic and there will always be available niches to pursue.



All about Niches

This section of the website will be all about niches and how to pick them, narrow them down  and create marking campaigns around them. There will be tutorials and video training available as we explore this area of marketing.

There are niches in any and every possible topic, and sub niches an on and on, and they sky is really the limit on what you can do with these niches in building yourself a very successful business model around them.

I will be covering this topic and  will reveal ways to build your business and get those targeted customers not only to your niche but get their visits  to actually convert into sales, and everyone loves sales!

I am hoping you will come join me in my adventures in marketing, and we can watch each other grow together! Keep reading on and find out how to get started!


Free Training Available!

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Wealthy Affiliate Website

If you are interested in building a successful online business the training available at Wealthy Affiliate University is going to be a must in your venture!

You will find all the training and support  you will ever need to pick your niche, get your website up and start driving traffic to it.

There is one other thing you will find at Wealthy Affiliate after you join that will be of great value, and will cost you nothing.


Please look me up after you join and we can share our ups and downs in building our businesses together.

Three simple steps to a new future!

  • Sign up HERE for free
  • check out this great post by Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate on 100 Niche ideas!
  • Start to build it now!

I hope to see you on the inside!


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