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  1. Brad

    Thanks for the reminder about Street Articles. I remember hearing a lot of good things about them back when I first started my site. And I think I even wrote an article or two there, before getting submerged in other tasks related to getting my site off the ground.

    I think I would like to build out my site more before getting back to writing stuff at SA. Is that an o.k. approach you think? I also forgot about getting that back link to my site. Maybe I should get back to Street Articles sooner?

    • I recommend using your time to build your site out.
      I love Street Articles, but back links are not as relevant as they used to be.
      It is still wise to write a few articles there and point them back, but Google no longer looks at those back links the way they used to.


  2. Bill

    Shawn, I’ve heard grumblings about SA and retention of article ownership. Can you shed any light on that? Do authors lose ownership of their written material after submitting it to Street Articles? Is this a big deal?

    • I asked the co owner Kyle and this was his response: “The content is owned by Street Articles, but as the author you get to benefit from it. You can always move your content if need be, but the site has rights to the content.”
      Hope that helps!

  3. Mark

    Great review Shawn, I like SA as it helped get my site up and running, although the click through rate to the site sucks big time. Most of my articles are less than 1% but I now write to it not looking for traffic but a backlink to my website page and helping the SEO. It’s great for that. Other directories give better CTR percentages but as already stated take a lot longer to approve on the FREE option. So its a trade off. Use SA for SEO and others for traffic.

    • I agree and I was going to get into all that in the review but most people just starting out really do not understand it. Also, if you want good click through rates like from Ezine, you have to pay for them. Thanks for stopping by Mark!

  4. Labman

    Having used several other Article directories, I agree that this is the best of the bunch. Approval time was the big one for me. I absolutely hated waiting a week or more to get a rejection from the other directories and then fixing the problem and waiting another week or more to find out if I guessed right. SA is absolutely different. The approval is amazing. I have had articles approved in 2 minutes(guess I hit that just right). Approval has never been longer than 48 hours and that was over a holiday weekend.

    I do have a bit of a problem with some of the support that is provided, after having several articles rejected at SA I find the rejection notices to be a bit cryptic. If you read carefully you can figure out the problem though. If you are not a member of WA, it is almost impossible to get a live body to respond.

    • Thanks for the feedback Craig. I guess I did not consider what support would be like being a non member of WA. I agree that the rejection notices can be a bit of a challenge at first, but compared to Ezine, it is a breeze.

  5. John Stewart Sr

    I agree that it’s a great service. You’re right about the loading time. Sometimes I feel like clicking away from it to something else. Still i give it an A rating

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