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  1. Ralph

    Great review. Being a member for the past year, I agree with your 100%. I never thought building a website was possible until joining this program. Also, I like that they aren’t some get rich quick scheme. There goal is to help you learn how to build a successful online business. This review is very accurate based on my experience there.

  2. Hiya, Shawn. Hope life is good with you.
    I just read through your great review here for WA, and it actually is great.
    I was so glad to see you did not fall into the trap of accidentally letting folk think they’d have a fully stocked website in 1.5 seconds or there-abouts as some give the sense of when they say a website in 2 minutes.
    As you’ve often made people aware – it takes dedication and hard work, and perhaps an idea of what you’re doing to work online. But this should stop only those who don’t realise what hard work is.
    I meet many who say they would love to run an online business from home but who fall away after the first 16 – 30 hour stretch of work.
    I always praise Wealthy Affiliate because they do really teach well and will get you online with a professional site – exactly as they say they will.
    What I found particularly brilliant is the social media marketing training which i can absolutely, from my own personal experience, vouch for is that the training works. On all occassions when I’ve followed the social media advice as per WA (Boomer93) I have never ever failed to make at least one sale.
    So my opinion of Wealthy Affiliate after seeing hundreds of other sites is – WEALTHY AFFILIATE ROCKS.
    All the best and catch ya soon, Buddy – Andre

    • Hey, Andre!
      Thanks so much for the feedback!
      I agree this place is the best there is for getting your business set up and going for real!
      I do have a huge social following and you are right, this is the result of what I have learned at WA!
      Stop by often!


  3. carlosdelzo

    This is such a great and updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. Honestly, I feel like WA is the perfect place to start an online business. It provides you the lessons, the tools, and the community to start an incredible journey. I’ve been enjoying every single day of my membership, and I look forward to get success thanks to everything I’m learning and experiencing.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Carlos,

      With all of the scams going around on the internet it is nice to be associated with the real deal!

      Wishing you the best in your journey and if you need anything at all please look we up inside, I am always willing to help 🙂


  4. Hailey

    I have not been on Wealthy Affiliate for too long, but I am already loving it. I finished the first course (10 lessons) in the first two days because I was just that excited. They give you so much important info and I would not have made a site that was half as good as the one I have now if it weren’t for the help and training I have received. Every question I have is answered asap and I never feel left out. It really is a community here and it is a community of people who care for each other and the people coming to their sites. When you start here you already get the sense that you are welcomed into a warm embrace of online pals, as if they were just waiting for you to show, and you didn’t even know it.

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Hailey!

      Welcome to WA and I am glad you are seeing progress!

      The place is jam packed with information and as you have experienced the support is awesome!

      Glad you are here!


  5. Andrew

    Hi there! I just read your Wealthy Affiliate review and wanted to just drop you a quick message to say thanks. I have read quite a few Wealthy Affiliate reviews and like to keep on top of what is new within the community. But I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you can sometimes get a little too social!

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic and the social aspect of the site makes it really very unique in comparison to its competitors. However the ranking system actually encourages you to be more active within the community, which in turn leads to you being more social and less active within your online business. However, this is the only negative thing I can find to say about WA.

    I have been a premium member for just over one year now and have made far more money than the cost of the membership. So that to me is great!

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Andrew!

      It is a great idea and it works if you use it right. The information you can get is incredible, and anytime you can pay it forward everyone wins, but you must not turn it into social hour, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment!


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