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  1. Celeste

    Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for your in depth review. funny thing that you used getting too social in the chat room as a con. The members at Wealthy Affiliate are very passionate about what they do and if you don’t control it you can waste a lot of time talking instead of working. It’s not all bad since you get inspired. I’m with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s a great platform to learn and run a profitable online business.

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Celeste!

      I agree it is an awesome program!

      While the chat room if used correctly can be a wonderful tool you must keep in mind taking action is the most important part of building a business and chatting all day can get in the way of that..

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Chris

    I’ve been a member of the WA for about seven years now in total (twice over) and a few downsides have reared their heads…recently. The chat function, as you mentioned, is a dreadful noise on the homepage and unfortunately the blog posts (newbie) members post are tiresome. When I first signed up everyone was working together to become an expert – and most of us got there! One tip I would give new members is to forget about the home page completely. If you have a question go straight to kyle or carson (who always reply) and avoid the misinformation in the main stream of the site. The good points are STILL there at the site…you just have to look a bit harder for them!
    Sorry to be so blatant – it’s just a view from someone who has made marketing a full time job with the WA’s teachings

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Chris!

      I agree, the noise level can get loud and the message can get lost.

      I find if I follow the ones who are really working this program I get a better understanding and my questions are answered.

      I find building your own network within WA of trusted fellow marketers a useful way to accomplish this.


  3. Hey Shawn,

    Good honest review here of what the Wealthy Affiliate program can offer.

    I joined the program and although there seems to be a never ending list of jobs to do the work is enjoyable and rewarding.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Vinnie Prasad

    Awesome review, i think as a fellow member with wealthy affiliate before signing up i did an extensive amount of research on affiliate marketing. Most other sites would flaunt how much they made or the materialistic stuff they owned and then claimed how easy it is to make money online.

    But with Kyle and Carson i found they said here is all the information and we’ll be guiding along the way but in order to reach success it will be entirely up to you and the amount of effort you put in. I though this was really good perspective to share.

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Vinnie!

      They are spot on and I agree, you will make this work if you follow the program!

      Thanks for stopping by and best wishes on your venture. If you ever need any help just holler!


  5. Alec Terry

    Hi Shawn,

    I think you did an excellent job reviewing Wealthy Affiliate and I think that because you added your own personal touch to the story it will be able to resonate with a lot more people than if you had done otherwise.

    Just a quick suggestion, As a professional musician I’m sure you would have a lot of knowledge to share with other aspiring musicians. I’d love to know if you have a website about that since I am a beginner guitarist myself.

    Great post!

    • Shawn Lee Martin

      Hi, Alec!

      I am working on that as we speak, lol. I will keep youi in the loop and thanks for checking out the review!


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